How to Use a Fax Machine Learn how to use a fax machine, an invaluable office tool for conducting business. Get expert tips on operating the fax in this free Valentino Shoes faxing video series for the technically challenged.

Fax machines are business and office tools that allow us to send copies of documents over phone lines to anywhere in the worldthat has a fax machine or computer on the Valentino Shoes Online other end, of course. Faxing has revolutionized the ways we do business, allowing us to send important, official information in minutes instead of days. Faxing came into vogue in the 1970s; yet in only 30 years, it seems that faxes are being replace by email and the internet as a primary means of telecommunication. Only time will tell.

In this free business tools video series, learn everything you need to know on how to use a fax machine. Our expert will give you tips on how to change the printing media, load paper, Valentino Rockstud Shoes fix a paper jam, and refill the ink or toner. Be sure to watch the important clips: how to send and how to receive a fax. Finally, learn some troubleshooting techniques for your fax machine and be the office hero. This faxing tutorial is great for older relatives, or those of use who are technically challenged.